Pilates class description

The block will commence with an explanation of the Pilates Principles and tuition on how to locate and isolate those all essential core muscles and achieve a neutral posture. Core engagement and neutral posture is essential and you will hear me cue this throughout all the classes!

Each class will usually begin with a theme. This may include the Pilates Principles of Breathing, concentration, centring, control, balance, flow and neutral spine.

A short warm up including mobility exercises will help you loosen any areas of tension and wake up those all important muscles.

We will progress to a series of 8-10 mat based Pilates moves. This may include the use of specialist equipment, including blocks and foam rollers. The expectation is that you will be able to progress each move when your body is able to do so.

A cool down and relaxation will end the session. This will promote feelings of satisfaction and well being on completing each class.