Pregnancy Pilates

Each year starts with a little more training. I’m always surprised to find that i haven’t managed to keep up my blog.  I’ve figured out why. I’m just busy doing all the practical stuff!

This year kicked off with additional training on pre and post natal Pilates. I remember being pregnant and having the benefits of a pregnancy yoga / Pilates class. It was vitally important to have that time to move, stretch and strengthen all the necessary bits of my body before the big day!

I will be starting a new class in East Lothian soon. So if you are interested. Please get in touch…


Time flies..

Its nearly the end of 2015, and I’ve barely had time to catch breath never mind keep my web page completely up to date! An encouraging meeting with East Lothian Business Gateway has seen me on the right path to changing that. Anyway last term before Christmas and New Year has started in Garvald and about to start in Haddington. Lets keep the mince pie mayhem at bay!

CORE Activation….

Hello everyone,

The above link gives a really great explanation of pelvic floor activation. I suggest everyone has a look and of course,  a practice. The good news is you can do this in the car, office or perhaps just sitting and having a cuppa!

Simple yet affective description of the core muscles.

Simple yet affective description of the core muscles.