About me

I work as a qualified nurse and health improvement specialist. Over the last 14 years I have worked in a range of environments. This background in healthcare gives me a unique ability to understand the person as a whole, including the real interconnected nature of the mind and body.

I came across Pilates, through a need to find an exercise class where I could recover from child birth, and restore my physical strength and flexibility. I needed an exercise class that could fit into my busy life without rendering me exhausted and aching after a workout.

Happily, I was able to notice physical changes in posture, strength and tone. I also noticed that my mental well-being improved and I suffered much less coughs and colds! I was instantly converted and knew that I wanted to spread what I had learned to other people.

I was inspired to train over 9 months in 2013 to gain a CYQ Diploma in teaching Pilates. This qualification provides an advanced level of exercise and fitness knowledge. It has been my dream to work as a Pilates teacher and a path that I intend following and sharing with you.

Hopefully you too, will feel inspired to practice Pilates!

Janine Ferguson, Pilates Instructor, East Lothian