Welcome to Inspire Pilates

Pilates Instructor East Lothian

Janine Ferguson, Pilates Instructor



Hello and welcome to Inspire Pilates.

Inspire Pilates philosophy believes everyone can exercise their mind and body together to achieve dramatic, sustainable results in their own well-being.

Inspire Pilates is dedicated to providing professional support in small accessible classes in East Lothian.


The Pilates class is absolutely brilliant. Janine is not only a very inspiring teacher but also is very sensitive to the needs of each individual in the class. She is expert at adapting the exercises to meet our needs, and she does so with a caring attitude and a light touch.

I thoroughly enjoy the class as i know that the rest of the day will be easier for me.
  – Jadzia Hind, pilates attendee

About pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises that if practice regularly, can improve mobility, flexibility and strength. Through the use of breathing and movement, Pilates can releasing areas of tension and help restore your body back to balance and may even help to heal injuries.

When combined with simple principles such as healthy eating, rest and other forms of exercise it can help us achieve leaner, stronger bodies. It is recognised by physiotherapists, health care staff and those in the fitness industry that Pilates can help form the basis of any activity to strengthen core muscles and ensure the muscles in your body work in synergy.